Why did you start the Great Canadian Tax Revolt?

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Corbella: What do women want? Don’t ask Morneau, he hasn’t got a clue

How about if we simply let individuals make their own life decisions based on their own values, beliefs and priorities? Individuals are smart and 10,000% capable of self-determining…without a meddling, interventionist, activist government. Click here to read more..

Justin Trudeau keeps saying science minister is a Nobel Prize winner; she’s not

Even Global News is getting tired of the increasingly embarrassing drivel that falls from Trudeau’s mouth these days. He is showing himself to be exceptionally shallow, similar to most Hollywood types…you know the kind: when you scratch below their surface you find yet more surface.  Click here to read more..

There Is No Gender Wage Gap

Earlier today I criticized PM Trudeau for his recent budget, which focused on the “gender pay gap.” Here is a great short video that debunks this myth…written and presented by a woman who actually understands the data. For the record, I have 4 daughters who have exactly the same opportunities as young men their ages, and completely dependent on the career choices they make and how hard they work. Click here to read more..