If you ever wondered what side of the fence you sit on..

I agree with the spirit of this post, but disagree with the use of the term “liberal.” I believe the more accurate term is “leftist,” not liberal. A true classical liberal is tolerant and accepting of differences without resorting to “tyrannical rule” of banning, deplatforming, disinviting, stifling of diverse opinions, more regulation, etc. As such, the vast majority of conservatives today are actually liberal…”live and let live” based on the fundamental belief in the sovereignty of the individual, and the bedrock belife in personal responsibility. Reasonable conservatives who want to promote true liberty should make a concerted effort to call the radical left what they are: “leftists.” In Canada the generic term “liberal” gets used and inferred and associated with The Liberal Party, which is actually Leftist. Linguistic precision is essential in winning the battle against socialism/leftism, especially given how the leftist elements that now run the Academy have twisted the meaning of so many terms.

John Ivison: Trudeau’s Davos Man message can’t hold back the flow of capital from private corporations

PM Trudeau has an exceptional talent: managing to embarrass himself and Canada in the eyes of the clear-headed, severely normal people…while having the fawning legacy media “elites” swoon about how progressive he is. When you scratch the surface of Mr. Trudeau, you find below it…more surface. Click here to read more..